Filwell Corporation

Design & Engineering

Fitwell Corporation offers design & fabrication of shell & tube type Heat exchangers built in accordance with TEMA & ASME code Section 8 Division 1. Fitwell is specialized into design & manufacturing of Air cooled Heat exchangers using in house manufactured finned tubes.

Filwell Corporation

Software Division

Our Clients : Invera Inc, Canada Invera has been providing metal service center enterprise software (ERP) and Internet systems for over 25 years. Their products are used by more than 13,000 users at over 600 sites in the United States, UK, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, and the Far East.

Filwell Corporation

Our Products

Today, air cooled heat exchangers and air cooled steam condensers are used all over the world for critical heat transfer applications in process plants, refineries and gas fields. At FITWELL, we make a number of products to cater to the needs of modern industries.

Our Clients

Fitwell corporation is proud to showcase a long list of very satisfied customers.