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Our Products

Cooling and condensing of fluids in industry was conventionally done by water cooling systems. However water cooling systems are expensive from the point of view of initial cost as well as operating and maintenance costs. Air is in fact a more viable and economical media of heat transfer for achieving industrial cooling requirements. Today, air cooled heat exchangers and air cooled steam condensers are used all over the world for critical heat transfer applications in process plants, refineries and gas fields.

Our products range includes:

  • Generator Gas Cooler ( Cooler Capacity : Upto 1600 KW)
  • Generator Air Cooler ( Cooler Capacity : Upto 1250 KW)
  • Motor Air Cooler ( Cooler Capacity : Upto 1050 KW)
  • Air to Air Cooler ( Cooler Capacity : Upto 600 KW)
  • Transformer Oil Cooler -OFAF (Cooler capacity : Upto 380 KW)
  • Transformer Oil Cooler -OFWF (Cooler capacity : Upto 1100 KW)
  • Double tube coolers (For Generators, Motors & Transformers)
  • DFIG cooler (Wind generator)
  • Wind Generator Air –Water Cooler ( Cooler Capacity : Upto 200 KW)
  • Wind Generator Air –Air Cooler ( Cooler Capacity : Upto 350 KW)
  • Water Jacket Coolers (For Wind Generators)

Check out the gallery of our complete products range below.

Repairs & Servicing

FITWELL CORPORATION is well positioned to provide the activities necessary to refurbish, repair, re tubing , expansion and rectify all kind of heat exchangers and coolers at in house facilities and support service activities at site of the customers.

On site-Services

Where it is impractical, due to size or time constraints, to remove an existing heat exchanger from the vessel or site, Fitwell Corporation provides comprehensive on-site services. Our own highly skilled, fully equipped teams are available to travel any where, usually at short notice, to undertake all types of re-tubing operations, repair and installation services.

Services include

Reconditioning & Retubing of

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers

This service requires that trained on individuals be available to work on your project who you need it and Fitwell Corporation is uniquely positioned to provide that service. Let our experts evaluate your needs for retube & repair.

Our Clients

Fitwell corporation is proud to showcase a long list of very satisfied customers.